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More Reasons For Beer Lovers To Drink Beer

Who loves Beer? We!! Oh Yes! we all do.. Beer is definitely one drink you can never ever get bored of. A holiday, a party, a long drive? All you need is beer to keep you good company and going! For me the party is where beer is! As a tribute to the best drink ever and my personal favorite drink here are More reasons for beer lovers to drink beer..

1. Its good for your kidneys as it keeps them healthy.


A study in Finland proved that beer is good for kidneys and every bottle consumed lowers the risk of kidney stones by 40%.

2. Its rich in fibre.


Dark beer especially contains 1 gram of soluble fibre in every 12 ounce bottle.

3. Beer boosts your vitamin B levels


A dutch study revealed that beer drinkers had 30% higher levels of B6 vitamins than their counterparts.

4. Beer has a rich history.


Beer is one of the oldest drinks man has ever produced. beer made from barley and bread was a part of daily diets of Egyptian people.

5. Beer hydrates better than water.


6. There are 400 different types of beer and every beer tastes different.


There is no such thing as a bad beer, its just every beer tastes different.

7. Beer helps you fight Inflammation.


8. Beer may also help to combat some types of cancers.


9. Drink beer to have a good digestion.


10. Beer strengthens your bones.

beer11The silicon present in beer helps improve your Bone-density.

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