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Beautiful Bollywood Actresses Who Are Considered Mannerless

Beautiful Bollywood Actresses Who Are Considered Mannerless


Handling stardom is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some really think of themselves on the peak once they become superstars. but they need to remember that time mot always remains the same. Here are some Bollywood actresses who are considered as the most arrogant ladies in the Bollywood.

Jaya Bachchan

She is the most arrogant lady in the Bollywood. She never talks in a good manner with the media and the common people and always shows anger.

Anushka Sharma

You will get shocked to know, there are many instances where Anushka was found insulting others. She once bothered a showroom manager in Mumbai till midnight at 12:00 am.


She got offended many times in front of the media on the questions related to Amitabh Bachchan. Though nobody can say by seeing her on TV, that she can be arrogant too. But the media has had to suffer the anger of the veteran actress many times. Whenever the media questions about her and Amitabh, she turns red. Pointing out someone’s personal life is bad, we agree, but once you become a star you have a line of followers that are curious to know about the personal details of their favourite star.

Hema Malini

She also comes in the list of most arrogant Bollywood actresses. Most of the times she gives rude answers to media questions and sometimes chooses to ignore completely. Some time ago Hema had appeared at the airport and when the media asked her where she was coming from, her reply was very weird.

Katrina Kaif

Once the actress was travelling in a plane when a little boy came near to her and asked for an autograph. She ignored him thrice and then shouted at him. This made the little kid cry. By seeing so, a Punjabi gentleman went to her and lashed out at her for showing such rude behaviour to an innocent child.

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Sonam Kapoor

She is famous for her controversial statements. She does comments on other’s style sense and way of talking. Sonam considers herself a style diva. She once said Aunty to Aishwarya Rai.

Malaika Arora

She was captured misbehaving with beggars many times. Recently when a beggar asked Malaika for money, she refused by saying she forget her bag at home.

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