Weird food combination
Weird food combination

The year 2020 was one of the worst years for everyone, but we all say that there is something positive behind every situation. Even though the year forced us to remain indoors during the Pandemic one thing that turned out good is that many of us learned to do the cooking. And that’s why we say that year 2020 has been a year dedicated to cooking, baking, and a lot of experimenting. During the entire lockdown, most people took to their kitchens to try their hands at cooking. While many learned new skills and baked mouth-watering cuisines. However, some came out with the most bizarre combinations that one can hardly imagine. So below are some examples of those food items which made our taste buds shudder.

Check out the tweets below:

Maggi Pani Puri: We all know that Pani Puri is always eaten with the Chutneys, and Jalzeera. But can you ever image it with Maggi. If not see below. Well it sounds weird, but you can check out the post.

Ice Cream Parantha: Paratha, is always eaten with all sorts, of gravy, Kebabs, vegetables, and many more things. Infact we also consume it will jam, jellies, and sauces. But the one we are going to show is something out of way. And its Ice-cream Paratha. If you don’t believe this you should check this post.

Chocolate Maggi: A new recipe of Maggi has made everyone shocked. And it’s Chocolate Maggi. For all the Maggi lovers this is something that you should try out, if you want to bring out that chocolaty twist to it.

Ice Cream Dosa: Below we have shared of Dosa that is hard to find. And its Dosa with ice-cream. Wow that souds great, but still somewhere bit bizarre. We have all eaten dosa with various stuffings like potato, paneer, veggies and even noodles, but have you ever tried ice cream stuffed dosa. Here is the one for you.

Curd Maggi: Forget about all sorts of Maggi. Today we are introducing you to the new Maggi, which is curd, Maggi. And this one you can try out when you make your Maggi next time.

Ice Cream Samosa: After dosa here comes the ice-cream Samosa. It was an experiment done during the lockdown. Which later made rounds on the internet.

Chilli Jalebi with Soya Sauce: Here comes the new twist in the world of Jalebi’s and it’s Chilli Jalebi. And this was sure a disaster. Stir-fried in bell pepper and soy sauce, this guy definitely ruined the dish in the worst way possible. And the result is all in front of you.

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