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Most Bizarre Public Toilets Around The World

Most Bizarre Public Toilets Around The World


You are traveling or roaming around a city, which thing bothers your carefree day a much? Yes, its the urge to pee. This nature call blocks your power of thinking once it gets high and that time all you need is a toilet to end that dreadful control. Today we will talk about the public toilets that are made so that anyone could use it in case of emergency. But did you know different countries in the world have some different sort of public toilets? Take an insight, read the text below:


These are funny and it seemed are only meant for gents.


At some places, there are toilets like a firehouse and whenever anyone wants to pee, they just pour it into the bucket.


China is so versatile in making public toilets. In China’s Chongqing, public toilets are shaped like a curvaceous woman, spread over 30,000 sq.ft.

In some other parts of China, there are some group toilets also, yes it is funny!

In Beijing, there are bulletproof public toilets.


They look so unhygienic as they are in poor condition and are not clean.

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The public toilets of Reykjavik, Iceland are so creepy that photos of people are embedded on the urinating point and it ultimately aims there only.


Well, public toilets are made in India but people of this country are so irresponsible that they can pee and poop anywhere, even on the railway tracks. Most of the public toilets are not clean it is due to the irresponsible nature of both a citizen and the ones who clean them.

This country has the cleanest and most developed public toilets. They are leveraged with heated seats, dryer and a bidet function. It is not at all bizarre!

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