High Life Health Most Common Risks And Myths About Dehydration

Most Common Risks And Myths About Dehydration

We have been always taught in school that water is the most essential unit of life, one can live without food for days but can hardly live without water. Well, what we were taught in school was definitely true, you can ask the famous ‘Man Vs Wild’ star Bear Grills too. Lack of water causes many problems and is known as dehydration. Some of the common risks and myths about dehydration are:



1. Lack of Sweat : Sweat is necessary for a body to remove the harmful waste products.

2. Dehydration also increases the heart rate of a person.

3. It can lower an individual’s blood pressure leading to several problems.


1. A person needs to take 8 glasses of water daily to keep himself hydrated

Reality: According to a research in 2002 it was proved that there no proofs of science recommending someone to drink 8 glasses of water daily and 64 ounces of the water is the actual amount of water which a person really needs.

2. Beverages and Juices can replace water


Reality: No matter whatever you drink, only water can keep a person hydrated. Beverages and juices do have water but not in the amount to fulfill one’s thirst.

3. Dehydration only occurs if one not consumes water for many days.

Reality: Dehydration is a condition which can occur anytime if your body is low on water, which means even multiple times in a day.

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