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High Life Some Got Heart Attack Some Lost Life, Most Dreadful Horror Films

Some Got Heart Attack Some Lost Life, Most Dreadful Horror Films

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The whole world is celebrating the Halloween week. Especially the celebrities have a craze to throw Halloween parties. People dress up like a ghost and scare others. But not in real life, in reel life too there are some horror films that are proved to be ill-fated for many. They were so horrific that some people got fainted, some got a heart attack and even died after watching them.

Raju Gari Gadhi (2015)

The film based on the life of reality show contestants will never let you sleep for many nights because of horror dreams. This was a Telugu film and according to the news in the famous newspaper, a man who came for the screening of the film in Hyderabad tried to escape twice from the hall because of the fear. However, when he failed to do so he died while sitting on his seat.

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

No doubt, The Conjuring series is one of the most horrific films in the history of cinema. Based on the real incidents, both the parts scared the people a lot with horrific dreams. According to the news of TOI, while watching the film The Conjuring 2, a 65-years-old man felt pain in the heart and died when took off to the hospital.

The Passion Of The Christ (2004)

This 2004 film was based on the last 12 hours life of Jesus Christ. The film got criticized by the people because of its immense violence matter. According to the news in after watching the film a 56-years-old person named Scott Peggy got a heart attack and died. After a month of this incident, 41-years-old Brazilan man Jos Jurado Soares also died of a heart attack while watching the film.

The Exorcist (1973)

This shocking thriller film has killed many people in real. Most surprising is actress Vasiliki Maliaros, actor Max Von Sydow’s brother and actress Linda Blair’s grandfather died after watching this horror film.

The Creeping Unknown (1955)

This film was based on the life of an astronaut who while coming back to the Earth took an infected alien with him. This alien spread terror on the Earth. While watching this film a 9-years-old kid lost his life.

Aliens (1986)

In December 2010 a student of 8th standard named M Prabhakar died while watching the film Aliens. A native of Hyderabad, Prabhakar was watching the film in the hostel of the school along with 500 students. In between the film, he went for the washroom and there he fell down.

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