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High Life Most Emotional Pictures In The World History

Most Emotional Pictures In The World History

Everybody seems interested to know about the history which is full of mysteries, unknown or hidden facts, conspiracies and controversies. But to know these, not everyone like to read books. In such case photos are the best medium to explore history. Today we are going to show you the most powerful photos of world history that will make you emotional to some extent.
1) This photo is of June 11, 1963 when a Buddhist monk, thich quang duc, set himself to fire in the Saigon state of Vietnam.  It is said that he did this to protest for the rights of Buddhists.
2) This photos is of August 28, 2015 when an Israeli soldier attacked  Palestinian people who were protesting against them.
3) In 2006, a women protesting against Israeli Army.
4) Photo from the world’s worst industrial tragedy in 1984, Bhopal Gas Tragedy – The Night Of Death
5) Near about 10 children were killed in Israeli attack on Palestine.
6) Many people were killed in the bomb attacks by Russia on Georgia, a man was crying holding the dead body of his brother.
7) This photo was taken from Morocco protest on November 19, 2015 when a son encouraged his father to continue the protest.
8) This emotional photo is belong to a mishap happened in Bangladesh in the year 2013 when 1100 people were killed in a building collapse.
9) Homeless children during Syrian war.
10) People in Nepal after earthquake in 2015.
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