High Life Food Most Expensive Fruits in The World

Most Expensive Fruits in The World

#1 Budha- shaped Pears- These pairs can be found in China. A farmer named Zing Hangchow from the Hebei province is the one who is responsible or this fruit. according to Chinese myth if you eat magical Buddha shaped fruit you could become immortal. This costs $8 for each pair.

#2 Sekai Ichi apples- in English the name of the apples translates to world’s number one. These apples are huge. There are about 15 inches around and the weight up to 2 pounds. In 2014 these apples celebrated their 40th Birthday but they still remain the most expensive apples in the world. If you want to buy just one apple you need to pay $21.

#3 Dekopon Citrus-If you love mandarin oranges you are really going to love dekopon version. These oranges are much larger than mandarin oranges and they are the size of a softball. These are considered to be sweetest oranges in the world. farmers Started growing this fruit in 1972 and only the most perfect oranges make the cut get shipped to stores. If you want to buy these oranges you are expected to pay $80 for the pack of 6.

#4Sembikia Queen Strawberries- These are the most beautiful strawberries in the existence and the appearance is what you are paying for. They are read all the way. Through the leaf on the top is perfectly shaped and it’s very dark green. You can actually see the pure white seeds coming through the skin. Now, If you want to buy these strawberries, you need to pay $85 for a pack of 12.

#5 Square Watermelons-The square watermelon is yet another expensive fruit that is grown in Japan in 2014. This amazing fruit finally began shipping outside. They are grown in a box which gives s them the square shape. The average weight of a square watermelon is 13 pounds. Most people who are willing to pay the outrageous price of $800 per watermelon don’t even eat them. instead tye displays the watermelon in their homes or decoration.

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