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High Life Most Haunted Place Of The World Where Walls Bleed And Scariest Noises...

Most Haunted Place Of The World Where Walls Bleed And Scariest Noises Of Crying Heard Every Night

The fort of Rohtasgarh is about 55 km’s away from Rohtas district. French historian Buchanan had come to India to visit Rohtasgarh fort approximately 200 years ago. What he found in his search his that he gathered from the local people is…… every night the scariest noises of crying is heard coming out from the fort. 
It is said that the fort was built during the Treta Yuga by the grandson of Trishanku and son of Harishchandra, the Suryavanshi king of Ayodhya, Rohitashav. This strong and ancient fort is situated on the bank of Son river.
It was ruled by the Hindu kings for many years but in the 16th century, during the reign of Muslims in India, it went under their rule. It is also said that the first revolt of freedom in 1857 was also started first from here. 
The fort is situated in the area of 28 miles, including 83 door exits. There is a magnificent work of art had done on the walls and doors of the fort. Well, local people says, people who enter the fort at night face some unnatural things and some have also died under mysterious circumstances.
The mystery is still unsolved and made it one of World’s most haunted place. Tourists are asked only to come in daylight as there is a presence of evil and occurrence of supernatural activities. Dare to visit this haunted place at your own risk!
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