Legendary Singer SP Balasubramaniam Passed Away

South and Bollywood's veteran singer SP Balasubramanian has passed away on Friday. Balasubramanian was admitted to the hospital for the last 2...
Infotainment Most Horrifying Traditions In The World That Still Exists

Most Horrifying Traditions In The World That Still Exists

Cobra Gold

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Cobra Gold is an Asia-Pacific military exercise held in Thailand every year. It is the largest Asia-Pacific military exercise held each year and is among the largest multinational military exercise in which the United States participates. Cobra Gold was first held in 1982. In this exercise, militants are trained to kill cobra and drink its blood.

Living with the dead

Indonesia’s Torajan people keep the bodies of their relatives to “live” at home with them, sometimes for years after their deaths. Providing corpses with their own rooms, they are washed and their clothes are regularly changed. Food and cigarettes are brought to them twice a day and they have a bowl in the corner that acts as their “toilet”.  The bodies of the dead are injected with a preservative called Formalin, which stops the bodies from decomposing.


Although cannibalism is banned in almost every country of the world. But there are some tribes who are still doing the same. in Indonesia, at  New Guinea, the tribe named “Korowai” believe in cannibalism and practising it.

Bear Worship

Bear worship is the religious practice of the worshipping of bears found in many North Eurasian … The Ainu people, who live on select islands in the Japanese archipelago, call the bear “kamuy” in their language, which translates to mean “god”.They sacrifice the bear and drink the blood after doing so.

Finger Amputation

In Dani Tribe of Indonesia, when loved one dies the fingers of women are amputated to show their pain and sorrow. This is done by the close relative of the women such as parent or sibling.

Baby Tossing

Terrified toddlers scream and sob as they’re shaken by men in robes and tossed from a balcony 30ft above the ground. This is done to bring happiness to baby’s and his family’s life.


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