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Infotainment 20 Most Interesting and Unbelievable Facts about the World Around Us

20 Most Interesting and Unbelievable Facts about the World Around Us

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Life is the most beautiful and unpredictable thing. Some people prefer reading scientific fiction considering the everyday life boring and uninteresting. However, this is not true as each minute the world is changing and surprising things, which seemed to be impossible, happen. Perhaps, now when you are writing your MBA application essay, somebody is making a grandiose discovery.

Read interesting facts about the human and the world around and you will understand that nature has a lot of secrets. Enjoy the best collection of the weirdest and most impressive facts you have never known about:

1. Have you ever known that kids more bones than adults? Yes, this is true. The difference between the skeleton of children and adults is 70 bones. An adult person has about 200 bones while a baby has about 270.

20 Most Interesting and Unbelievable Facts about the World Around Us

2. What will be your reaction if you hear that the Eiffel tower can grow? During the summer period, it becomes 15 cm higher. There is no mystics in this as this size changes occur due to the temperature compensator. When the steel is heated, the tower is growing as its size depends on the temperature changes.

 Eiffel tower can grow

3. Not many people know that the Amazon jungle plays an important role in the life of the whole Planet as the tropical forests occupying over five millions of km are by right called the lungs of the Earth-they produce 20% of oxygen and absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide.

Amazon jungle

4. Students shouldn’t miss chemistry classes, otherwise, they will not know that some compounds can explode even if there is a contact either with the air or water.

chemistry classes

5. Looking at the stars it seems that they are so small but could you imagine that the mass of neutron stars, which are the remains of massive stars, can weigh up to 6 milliards of tones? This figure can be compared with the mass of the Sun. What is even more surprising that the radius of such stars is not more than 20 km.

mass of neutron stars

6. One day you will go to Hawaii and to your great surprise will find yourself nearer to Alaska. Sounds impossible but every year Hawaii becomes 7.5 cm closer to Alaska and this is the fact.

Hawaii becomes 7.5 cm closer to Alaska

7. There are prognoses that life on the Earth will exist no longer than 2,3 milliard of years. When this period of time passes, it will become too hot for a human being to live on the Earth. The whole planet will become an endless desert and oceans will disappear.

life on the Earth

8. White bears are professionals in hiding even from the thermal imager, which are able to find an object thanks to the warmth it radiates. Bears are experts in preserving warmth thanks to the coat and fat.

White bears

9. 8 minutes seems not too much. However, while a man can’t reach the nearest shop in 8 min, the light can pass the way from the Sun to the Earth. That’s why when somebody is really quick, people say that he does something with the speed of the light.

10. The acid found in the stomach helps to process food but people don’t know that it is so strong that dissolving metals isn’t a problem for it as well.

dissolving metals

11. 24 hours is enough for a bamboo to grow up to 3 meters high. Sounds incredible but it is true.

20 Most Interesting and Unbelievable Facts about the World Around Us

12. Japanese scientists have developed the glass, which can be restored after being broken down. It consists of synthetic polymers. Perhaps, in the future, these materials will be used for the production of all types of glass.

13. During 70 years of life, almost all people walk the distance that is equal to the three equators of the Earth. Sounds too much but in reality, to walk 40075 km until you are 70, it is necessary to walk about 5 km daily.

14. The number of live organisms in the teaspoon of the ground is more than the number of all people inhabiting the planet. There is nothing surprising as 1 gram of the dry ground contains about sixty millions of bacteria.

15. In the evening all people are a bit shorter than in the morning. On average, the changes in height may be from 1 to 3 cm.

people are a bit shorter than in the morning

16. The California state is known for its oldest tree, which is 4843 years old and the highest one, which is about 113 m.

17. Englishmen drink tea 20 times more than citizens of other countries.

Englishmen drink

18. It was proved that traveling helps to get rid of a depression and decreases the risk of heart diseases.

19. If you want to develop your brain, then try to do something new. There is nothing better for the self-development than to communicate with those who are smarter than you.

20. On average, each man spends 5 years of his life eating food.

 man spends 5 years of his life eating food.

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