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High Life Most Irritating Type Of Co-Workers That Every Office Will Have

Most Irritating Type Of Co-Workers That Every Office Will Have

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There must be a gazillion offices and work places all over the world and every office in those is most likley to have these conventional irritating characters that will just annoy the shit out of you. But then again you can’t even Kill them because you need that report from them which is due!

Since, we can’t all have the luxury of working from home we have to bear the annoyance to deal with them daily. But rest assured, you’re not alone in this too.┬áMost Irritating Type Of Co-Workers That Every Office Will Have..

The one who if once starts talking about His/Her Experiences Just Won’t SHUTUP!


The one who always comes in Late and Acts Like its really Cool!


The one who does nothing but always wants the Credit.


The one colleague who says “I’ll Just Have One Piece” but ends up finishing off the whole thing.


Even more irritating, the one who looks weirdly at the meat in your lunxh box and starts to give you a lecture on how its bad to kill animals for Food.


The one who knows Shit about your work but is always advising you on how you could it better.


The one who will never keep his phone on silent and has the most jolting, irritating ringtone. GOD!


The Grammar police. And you be like.. Urrgh!


The one who believes life is High School Musical and break out with a song at every opportunity they get or even when they don’t get!


The one who keeps turning off the AC everytime without considereing others temperature requirements.


The one who believes him/herself to know everything.


The one who yells “Are you leaving already?” the one day you leave right on time. And you be like..


There There. Its okay. We’re all in this together. Just go through the day thinking about the time when you’re out of there!

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