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10 Most Powerful Moments of 2017 That Garnered a Lot of Media Attention

The year 2017 is counting its last breathes. This year has witnessed many incidents from Rohingya Muslim Migration to North Korea’s missile testing. Such big -small moments of this year became memorable for a lifetime. Here we are showcasing 10 most powerful moments of 2017.

1) A kid trapped during a terrorist attack outside a Shia Mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan

2) A photo explaining the pain of Rohingya Muslims.

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3) An old man listening to music at his home which is shattered during a terrorist attack in Syria.

4) Kim Jong Un during Missile testing, North Korea. This testing to a war-like situation between the USA and North Korea.

5) People playing golf during California’s largest recorded wildfire.

6) An Australian MP breastfed her baby in parliament

7) Heart-wrenching photo from Vegas Shooting attack

8) Donald and Melania Trump’s entry in White House

9) End of Robert Mugabe’s reign in Zimbabwe after 37 years

10) La La Land mistakenly named the best picture in Oscars 2017

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