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Most Shocking Mistakes In Popular Bollywood Movies

We humans are meant to make mistakes and most of all in Bollywood movies. No doubt, we love watching our ultimate desi bollywood masala movies the makers however, leave flaws all over the movie. Here’s a list of some Most shocking Mistakes in popular Bollywood movies.

1. Amitabh Bachchan uses a nokia communicator even before its launch!


In K3G Amitabh Bachchan playin gYash Raichand uses a Nokia communicator which was launched in 1997 while the movie is set in 1991. Yash Raichand was so rich that he got it made in advance.

2. They didn’t have 6 balls in an over in 1892 but in Lagaan they did!


The Aamir Khan starrer movie is set in 1892 when england allowed 5 balls in an over whereas in Lagaan each team gets 6 balls per over.

3. Milkha Singh drove a 2012 model Royal Enfield!


Bhaag Milkha Bhaag movie is set in 1950’s while Farhan Akhtar is seen driving a 2012 model Royal Enfield.

4. The romantic DDLJ last scene had an epic mistake.


We all love the climax scene of DDLJ when Simaran runs to catch the train while Raj is holding out his hand for her. But wait! Why didn’t Raj pull the chain? Or Simran could’ve boarded into the coach through its other door which was right in front of her! Dumb!

5. In Krrish Preity Zinta was Pregnant for Two years!?


In Krrish Rohit has been in Singapore for two years while his wife gets pregnant who has been staying in India all this while. Now did Rohit transfer sperms through the phone or Jaaddooo??

6. There is no Pakistani embassy in Bruges


Sarfaraaz tells Jaggu that he works at Pakistani embassy in Bruges. Well, there is no
Pakistani embassy in bruges but there is one in Brussels!

7. In ZNMD Katrina changes clothes while riding a bike!


The scene in which Katrina borrows a bike from her friend to meet Hrithik, shes wearing a pink top, while in the immediate next scene shes seen wearing a red top.


8. In Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani Deepika’s book magically reappears in her hand.


The scene in which Bunny takes the Book and Luggage from Naina to help her Board the train, deepika hands over the book but the book reappears in her hand the next moment.


9. Its ZNMD again!


Thr Trio is seen experiencing the festivals Tomatina and bull race withing three weeks of the time frame whereas in real the festivals have a gap of more than a month.

10. Thakur, In Sholay, did have hands!


If you happened to have a paar ki nazar, then you could too notice Thakur’s hands coming out from the behind underneath his Kurta.

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