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Most Spoiled Children In The World

Suri Cruise

She is the daughter of celebrity ex-couple Tom Cruise and Katty Holmes. She is really one of the most spoiled children of the world. With all her expensive gifts from both of her parents, her wardrobe is probably the most expensive which was reportedly worth $3 million including designer clothes from Dolce $ Gabbana, Burberry and Marc Jabos.

Barron Trump

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Well, this is definitely a no-brainer if you are the son of multi-billionaire who’s currently serving as the 45th President of the US, you are into the good amount of spoiling. He’s got his own floor in the Trump penthouse. he wears expensive clothes as part of his everyday clothing.

Prince George

When you are the part of Royal family, getting treated with lavish gifts is considered normal. Prince George, for example, has in possession of the most expensive nail file and clipper valued more than $1 million. Exactly, Prince George has this clipper and nail file.

Josephine Lau

joseph Lau is a Chinese Billionaire who loves to shower his kids with expensive gifts. the most spoiled kid, seven years old Josephine Lau, received not 1 but 2 massive rocks from Sotheby’s Auction that’s worth more than $70 Million. The 12-carat blue diamond named ” Blue Moon of Josephine” and the 16-carat pink stone named “Sweet Josephine”.

Zachary Furnish-John

Son of a celebrity couple, Elton John and David Furnish, Zachary also made it to the list because of how his parents pamper him. Along with the lavish lifestyle that his parents had him live these days. His $2 Million apartment makes us wonder how extravagant his gifts will be in the future. Instead of having a nursery room, he gets to own a luxury nursery apartment.

Image Source- growingyourbaby.in

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