Disha Salian Dialed 100 Before Her Death: Mumbai Police Refutes Statement

As per the recent reports, the Mumbai police have dismissed speculation that Disha Salian called them before death.
High Life Most Surprising Facts About North Korea

Most Surprising Facts About North Korea

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North Korea is a mysterious country holding uncommon facts and truths that are really interesting to know. It is officially known as the DPRK(Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea) however, you will hardly find any democracy thing here, pity!

On a sad note, North Korea mostly stores a list of tragedies, atrocities and terrifying weapons programs that few of us can’t even imagine and feel blessed that we are living here in India!

Here are some surprising facts about North Korea that will give you a shocking jaw drop!

1) North Korea is not a communist nation. Its ideology is known as “Juche” since 2009.

Juche ideology-facts about north korea

2) The current year in North Korea is recognized as 105 and not 2016 as its calendar based on Kim II Sung‘s date of birth 15 April 1912. Also, it has created its own time zone called Pyongyang Time.

calender in north korea

3) It has a bizarre law of “Three Generations of Punishment” rule. It means if a person is an accused of violating a law or is sent to prison camp, the whole family will suffer because of him. Grandparents, parents and children of the violator are sent to work with them. Indeed, it is one of the bizarre facts about North Korea

3 generation punishment rule - facts about north korea

4) North Korea has only 3 TV channels. Yes, you heard it right only 3! Two out of them are only available on weekends, whereas the other is broadcast in the evenings.

It has only three channels - facts about north korea

5) North Korea uses human excreta or feces as a source of fertilizer due to the lack of resources.

Facts about north korea - Amazing facts

6) North Korea has 28 state-approved haircuts out of which 18 are for women and 10 are for men.

28 haircuts are approved by state - facts about north korea

7) North Korea is only the world’s Necrocracy – It means a government that operates under the rules and orders of a former, dead leader.

It has necrocracy government - surprising facts about north korea

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