High Life Most Dangerous Countries For Women to Live, Rapes Are Common Here

Most Dangerous Countries For Women to Live, Rapes Are Common Here

A strange case of rape has come into light from Melbourne, Australia. Here a man raped the twin sister of his girlfriend. When a case was filed against him, he told that he thought she was her girlfriend. However, the man has sent the prison by the court. Whether it is Australia or India, rapes and molestation incidents are the headlines of the newspaper every second day. Today we are going to tell you about the countries in the world which are considered to be the most dangerous for women to live.
You may be surprised to know that in these countries, India, Pakistan and Thailand are also included. Regardless of how much the world can talk about progress, for women, walking freely and alone is still a topic of concern and especially at night. They can be raped and molested by the unsocial elements of the society. Forbes also released a list of unsafe countries for women.

Rape and molestation are common among women here. The criminals do not even fear about punishment here. In such case, these countries are considered to be the most unsafe for women.

1) Afghanistan

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Afghanistan is listed at the top of the list including crimes committed with women. Here, the number of illiterate women is 87 percent. While 70 to 80 percent of women are forcibly married. 54 percent of women are married at the age of 15 to 19. Apart from this, a large number of women are victims of domestic violence.

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2) The Democratic Republic of the Congo

There is great discrimination between men and women in this country. Domestic violence is considered to be common for women. According to the American Journal of Public Health, approximately 1,150 women suffer sexual harassment every day in Congo.

3) India

Here women are victims of gang rape to child marriage and human trafficking. In addition to these crimes, in the last 30 years, around 5 million female fetuses have been reported to have been killed.

4) Somalia

The Legal system of Somalia is worst. Here the women’s situation is even worse. Most of the girl children are circumcised here from 4 to 11 years of age. Apart from this, women in this country also suffer from sex-related abuses and child marriage.

5) Columbia

In 2010, most of the cases of atrocities against women were revealed in this country. However, after this, some institutions or organizations were established that are standing for the rights of women. Here, cases of rape and acid attack with women are widely considered to be common. It is a matter of grief that there no hearing is scheduled in the court for these crimes. Men are not even guilty of their crimes. Even after destroying someone’s life, they openly roam around the country.

6) Egypt

Here molestation and domestic violence against women are commonplace. The legal system here also unable to protect women’s rights. Women are deprived of their rights. The punishment of any crime ultimately given to women.

7) Mexico

The legal system of Mexico is absolutely useless for the victims of domestic and sexual violence. There are quite a few women who raise their voices against the crimes they suffer. Most women remain silent.

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