‘Mostly Sunny’: Breathtaking Look On Sunny Leone’s Flaming Life

‘Mostly Sunny’ director Dilip Mehta throws light on unbelievable but true story of Sunny Leone’s life- a small town Ontario girl who left porn industry and stepped into Bollywood.

life of sunny leone Filmmaker Dilip Mehta talks about the documentary ‘Mostly Sunny’ which is based on the life of former porn star Sunny Leone. Suuny was most searched actress on Google.

mostly sunny documentary on sunny leoneTaking a look at the life of this glamorous star who betrayed her punjabi family to step in the adult movie industry, Sunny Leone bursts out “So what if my home town disowned me? Today every Indian family wants me to be a part of them.”

sunny leone and Daniel weberThe level of acceptability as a “Bollywood Actress” that Sunny and his loving husband Daniel Weber imagine for her is just not a realistic goal.

sunny leone storyAccording to long revealing speech in this documentary, Sunny seems to feel she has left her past as a porn star, behind.

life of sunny leone mostly sunnyThis documentary makes us feel it not too easy and gentle but disgracefully impossible to wipe out one’s past karma in a flurry of song, dance or drama.

mostly sunny documentary“Mostly Sunny” is neither a cop-out nor an insider’s job. It not on the intimate life of the actress. It doesn’t focus sleazy side of Sunny’s life which may generate heated titillation.

true life of sunny leoneMany time the act of betrayal which turned ‘Karenjit’ to ‘Sunny’ makes us wince for their brazen homage to materialism.

mostly sunny by dilip mehtaThis is not an ordinary saga of punjabi girl from Sarnia, small town in Canada who decided to make huge amount of money to live a life she wanted to.

daniel weber and sunny leoneJoining her in her journey is her supportive husband. However, it is not clear why Daniel gave up his prosperous family steel business to become porn star along with her.

life story of sunny leoneThe most memorable moment in her portrait of life is when she with her husband visits her hometown and is shunned by everyone as a daughter who brought disgrace to her family.

sunny leone storyThere is Sunny’s brother Sunny from whom she took her alias for her adult activities says on camera that their mother drank herself to death when she got to know about her daughter’s true calling.

sunny leone story of lifeIndeed the most genuine face of Sunny Leone is when she is no longer provocative is when she talk about her parents.

life of sunny leoneSeen in non-judgmental light, she comes across as terribly misguided in her belief that it’s okay to have sex on camera and then move on in life. Some experiences refuse to leave.

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