News Why Moto-Lenovo Dual Brand Strategy Works Best In India?

Why Moto-Lenovo Dual Brand Strategy Works Best In India?

World’s fastest growing smartphone market – India is the success story of one more brand – Motorola. Actually, two brands. Mototrola is owned by Lenovo. Motorola was acquired by Chinese phone and PC maker Lenovo from Google for $2.9 billion three years ago. Executive Director of Lenovo MBG India Sudhin Mathur, also the managing director of Moto India, said that India is the success story of the Lenovo-Moto dual brand strategy.

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Director Mathur said, “While it is the Motorola brand that does well in the US and Europe, it is the Lenovo brand that works in APAC.” He also explains that, together Lenovo-Moto brand is now the second largest in India. In 2013 when Lenovo first started selling smartphones in India, it was on 31st spot which had now led to the second position in India.

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lenovo-motorola india

Lenovo is positioning Moto as the premium brand for the company and that the brand is regaining its marketshare in the US and Brazil, its top two markets in terms of value. In online sales in India, Moto and Lenovo together covers around 25% of the market.

Moto Lenovo India

Lenovo established a manufacturing plant in Chennai 18 months ago. It has the capacity to make 6 million units a year. They also have a PC manufacturing plant in Puducherry.

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