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Bollywood Superstar Actress’ Son-in-law is Not Allowing Her to Meet Her Daughter Who is in Coma

Veteran actress Moushumi Chatterjee who was a star in the 60s and 70s films and was last seen in Piku, 2015 is in pain. Her daughter Payal Sinha is in the coma and her husband is not allowing Moushumi and her husband to meet their daughter. Now, the couple Moushmi and her husband Jayant Mukherjee have approached the Bombay High Court, seeking access to their comatose daughter Payal Sinha.

In their petition, the two have sought the court’s urgent directive against their son-in-law Dicky Sinha and be permitted to visit and attend to Payal. Payal is 44 years old and suffered from juvenile diabetes. She got married in 2010 to businessman Dicky Sinha. Just after her marriage, their daughter suffered from a major illness. She was admitted to a hospital. Her parents were taking care of her.

She has been in a state of coma since April 2017. According to the reports, some months ago, Dicky allegedly got her discharged in a comatose state and is now getting her treated at his home in Khar, Mumbai. Moushumi and Jayant have also stated in their petition that since then, they haven’t been allowed to see or attend to Payal.

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