Entertainment MSG 2 Movie Trailer Is Out And It Will Make Your Mind...

MSG 2 Movie Trailer Is Out And It Will Make Your Mind Numb

Earlier, this year MSG – Messenger Of God was released which did pretty well at the box office and now ,it is back with its second sequel “MSG 2” like the first part was not all. The Messenger Of God is directed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Jeetu Arora which will release on 18 Th September this year. The trailer was released this morning and watch it at your own risk, not because it’s haunting or scary but because it is too damn funny ! Yes, even funnier than the previous one.

MSG Guru ram rahim
Image credit : Bollywood life

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MSG 2 The Warrior – “Lion Heart” is the full name of the movie, Let’s analyze the whole trailer first :

Let us introduce you to the director and actor of the Film, who is both the same person ( in case you were wondering ) –

msg 2
Credit : You tube

Most popular actor ? And we were thinking Salman Khan is the most loved and popular actor of Bollywood. And what is the sword representing ?

Now let us tell you about the kind of action you will see if you go to theater to watch this movie – 

msg 2
Credit : You tube

As you can see this is the level of action you are going to see, this action scene will give tough competition to Batman vs Superman climax scene. Yeah, sure it is not normal for a normal person to do this kind of stuff only MSG can do it !

Now, exactly what kind of inventions we can see : 

msg 2
Credit : You tube

There another miracle of MSG, invention of a flying scooter but he is playing it with the scooter happily, chilling in the air.

In case you were wondering, what does all this mean, hold your horses for the biggest twist ever ! 

Credit : You tube 

Revealed, thank god ! Finally, there is a reasonable reason why he can do all such stunts !

Now watch as how the so called top secret agent party 

msg 2
Credit : youtube 

Is this is night club? Why is everybody dressed like Diwali lights? Why are they clapping? Is this a  rave party? Seriously !

And for the safety of animals, all steps were taken under expert supervision, the secret agent himself! 

msg 2
Credit : Youtube  

do you know when the agent needs advice who he turns too ? Guess if you can 

msg 2
Credit : You tube

And now meet the most versatile actor in the history of Indian cinema ! No kidding the whole details are given in the trailer –

msg 2
Credit : You tube  

All of this does not make sense at all, but you sure will laugh until your stomach hurts that’s for sure.

Watch the Trailer : 

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