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Entertainment Sunny Leone Again Targeted, Renowned Filmmaker Says Playing National Anthem Before Her...

Sunny Leone Again Targeted, Renowned Filmmaker Says Playing National Anthem Before Her Film is an Abuse!

Supreme court on Tuesday declared that playing National Anthem in the cinema halls is not mandatory. Filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt welcomed the decision with all his hands. He said,

“We respect the decision because it is important to keep the dignity of our National Anthem. It should be played in the schools or other educational insitutions and not in the entertainment parlours because at such places it is disrespectful playing it.”

While giving the statement he also targetted former porn star Sunny Leone. He said, “If you are going to watch Sunny Leone’s film then how can the national anthem be played in the auditorium and there may be any other adult movie also.”

He further said,

“In the name of entertainment, the National Anthem somewhere compromised its dignity, I respect the decision of the Supreme Court, because this decision will honor the National Anthem.”

Mukesh Bhatt is Mahesh Bhatt’s brother. He debuted in the Bollywood film production with the film Zurm starring Vindo Khanna in 1990. he produced films like Ashiqui (1990), Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin (1991), Najayaz (1995), Gulam (1998) and Sangharsh (1999). Including Raaz (2002), Raaz: The Mystery Continues (2009), Kalyug (2005), Gangster (2006), Tum Mile (2009), etc.

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