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Trending Mukesh Khanna Slams Ekta Kapoor Saying That She Murdered Mahabharat

Mukesh Khanna Slams Ekta Kapoor Saying That She Murdered Mahabharat

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Mukesh Khanna, who was famous as Bhishma Pitamah in BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharata‘ (1988), has reprimanded Ekta Kapoor. They have accused him of killing the Mahabharata. Ekta had made a 2008 show titled ‘Kahani Hamare Mahabharata Ki’ and featured a tattoo on Draupadi‘s shoulder. Khanna has targeted Ekta Kapoor on this.

Mukesh Khanna is bringing a new version of his popular superhero show ‘Shaktimaan’ to the younger generation. But we believe, it will not be made like Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharata. He says, “Shaktimaan’s new version may not be like Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharata, in which she had tattooed on Draupadi’s shoulder. She created the Mahabharata for modern people. Culture can never be modern.” The day you modernize the culture, you will end. “

Mukesh further adds, “If the serial name was ‘Kyunki Greeks Bhi Kabhi Hindustani The’, I would have accepted the Mahabharata of Ekta. Who gave her the right to slay an epic. They took the Bhishma vow of Devavrata to mean something else. She made Satyavati’s image like a vamp. She tried to be smarter than Vyas Muni (Ved Vyas), which I object to. I want to point out that Ramayana and Mahabharata are not mythological, these are our history. “

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