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High Life Mukhtar Mai A Gang Rape Survivor Walked The Ramp At Pakistan Fashion...

Mukhtar Mai A Gang Rape Survivor Walked The Ramp At Pakistan Fashion Week To Inspire Other Women

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Mukhtar Mai is currently 44-year-old,  she was gang raped but she survived and now  she has walked the ramp to share her inspiring story with the world, she walked the ramp and touched everyone heart at the “Pakistan Fashion Week”. When we are saying that she survived the gang rape which is a huge thing on its own, after such a brutal crime most women’s fail and start fearing the outcomes, but Mukhtar survived!


This special appearance was planned by Karachi-based designer Rozina Munib for the Pakistan Fashion Week in Karachi on Tuesday. The collection showcased, was ‘Zindagi Ke Rang’ (Colours of life) dedicated to the ups and downs Mai has gone through in her life.

Mukhtar Mai Pakistan fashion week

The PR strategist of the designer told Pakistan’s Dawn, Rozina Munib, said that “Fashion needs to care. It’s become a booming industry and thereby, has an ethical responsibility to place focus on significant causes.” Mukhtar Mai story begins from 2002, when a local council of tribal elders sentenced her as a gang-rape victim, making her a victim to public humiliation. Mai, instead of letting this crush her, fought her way through till Pakistan’s Supreme Court jailed her attackers.


This was simply the beginning of her legendary story as she went on to fight for the cause of rape victims and the shame attached to them, challenging it with her activism. She aspires to be the voice of all those women who face what she did 14 years ago, spreading the message that women are aren’t weak and have just as strong minds and brave hearts as any other person. Ever since, she has turned her shame into her strength, as she now works towards improving the other women’s lives in her village through her school.

Mukhtar Mai Pakistan fashion week

She is an author also, till now she has written only one  book, In the name of Honor, A memoir. She has won many awards like TV Academy Honor (Special Emmy) by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, She has been praised by dignitaries like Laura Bush and the French foreign minister. Rozina Munib, the designer chose Mukhtar Mai as the showstopper to spread the message to all the women that no incident, be it as cruel as rape should have the power to hold you down. Asad-ul-Haq showcased a short film highlighting Mukhtaran’s work for her village’s women before she walked the ramp.

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