“Alisha” a young spunky witty girl who loves and lives in Fashion. Dropped out from a Fashion school in California, Alisha moves back to Mumbai to live with her mother and granny. But lesser she did know that an enthralling and extraordinary life awaited her.

Check out the Trailer right here:

A web series by Blush, Alisha is brilliant inspiring story of dreams, Fashion, spirit, life and Fashion. A fashionista herself, Alisha has an eye for detail. Not only does she set trends and speaks for herself through Style, she possesses an aptitude for investigation. So, following her dreams in the Fashion Industry, she sets forth to solve small-time criminal cases and mysteries around the same sphere.


Put together quite smartly, th story takes you on a roller-coaster ride through, fun, humor, mystery, thrill and of course Fashion.

The first episode from the first season is here and it looks seamlessly entertaining. Check it out:

Meet the Fashion Police, Literally! 😉

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