Mumbai Police Decode Underworld Code on Bollywood Celeb Names: Anushka is Hashish, Ranveer is Peddler, Salman is ‘Kingpin’


Underworld has its strong roots, also it has very strong connections with Bollywood directly or indirectly. A recent report by the Mumbai Police revealed an important information that how the Drug Mafia use Bollywood Celeb names for smuggling of drugs or peddling business.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, Mumbai police tap the conversations like “Sultan is always late” or “Sultan proved a box-office hit”. The Mumbai police claims that the word “Sultan” is referred to supplying or organizing the drugs. The names of the prominent actors like Ranveer Singh, Kangna Ranaut, Ranbir Singh, Alia Bhatt, etc are used by the Mafia to indicate different terms in drug-dealing business.

Well! the codewords are common and the part of doing business in the Underworld. Some common words that also showcase in the Bollywood gangster films are Khoka for Rs 1crore and Peti for Rs 1 Lakh. Other than that supari (contract killing), lambi (AK-47) and nine number ki chappal (9mm pistol). The list is very long.

Well! let’s take a look at big Bollywood names and what they mean in the underworld code language.

1) Salman Khan: Kingpin

2) Alia Bhatt: Cocaine

3) Kangana Ranaut: Afeem (a poppy derivative)

4) Katrina Kaif: Smack

5) Ranveer Singh: Peddler

6) Anushka Sharma: Hashish

7) Ranbir Kapoor: Host

8) Priyanka Chopra: LSD

9) Nargis Fakhri: Ecstasy

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