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High Life 7 People Who Murdered Others For Very Stupid And Dumb Reasons

7 People Who Murdered Others For Very Stupid And Dumb Reasons

This world is full of weird people. You know what’s the biggest crime on Earth? It’s taking someone’s life. And what if someone do that for an insanely weird reason? Here is a list of ten people who murdered others for the most stupid, dumb, absurd reasons.

1) Murder for photobombing a group picture

In 2014, Kim Pham a 23 years old girl while exiting a Southern California nightclub, unknowingly photobombed a group picture of two other girls Candace Brito and Vanesa Tapia Zavala. This raged them and they started beating Pham badly. Pham’s boyfriend made an attempt to intervene but the club’s bouncer held him back blocking him from the fight. Brito and Zavala beat Pham to death.

2) Murder for a TV remote

In 2011, in a village of Zhukova in Western Siberia a 13 years old boy started fighting with his 17 years old sister over a TV remote. The fight went so ugly that the younger sibling fetched a high powered hunting rifle and shot his sister in the face. She died on the spot.

3) Murder for unfriending on Facebook

A girl named Jenelle Potter was unfriended by a couple Billy Payne Jr. and his girlfriend Billie Jean Hayworth. She failed to bear it and convinced her father and brother to murder them both. As a result, Payne and Hayworth were shot a number of times, killing them instantly.

4) Murder in theatre for using a phone

In 2014, in Florida, a man Curtis Reeves and his wife got involved in an ugly fight with a man sitting next to them in a movie theatre. They got irritated as the man was using his phone with keypad tones on. Reeves pulled out his handgun and fired deadly shots into the texting man and he died while taking to the hospital. It was later discovered that the man was texting his toddler son.

5) Murder for loud music

Kelly Danaher was celebrating his wife’s birthday with loud music. Ok, but it was his only mistake for which he lost his life. His neighbor Raul Rodriguez got raged and quickly ran to Danaher’s house, they had an ugly spat, which made Rodriguez killed Danaher with his handgun.

6) Murder for watching a soccer match

In 2008 during World Cup in South Africa, a man who was a father of four asked his family that will be going to watch a football match today but the family refused him to give the remote, this made him change the channel dialing by hand. The family became viciously angry that man’s wife, a son and a daughter beat and stabbed him to death.

7) Murder due to Mondays

In 1979, a troubled young woman named Brenda Ann Spencer fired shots at the elementary school across from her house, striking numerous students and killing both the school principal and custodian. After her arrest, she revealed the reason that she shot at kids that day because she didn’t like Mondays.

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