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Muslim Bollywood Stars Who Adopted Hindu Names For Films And Here’s The Surprising Reason

There are many celebs in Bollywood who are famous with Hindu names, whereas in reality, they are Muslims. One such actress is Madhubala. It’s been 49 years when Madhubala died. She passed away on February 23, 1969. (1) Madhubala was a Muslim and her real name was Mumtaz Begum. She changed her name to Hindu for working in films.

Not only Madhubala but there were many other actors who changed their name to a Hindu name. It used to happen mostly in the old times of the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s when it was only a few time passed since India got its independence. Remember, the deadly partition of 1947 that India- Pakistan suffered? It was a Hindu-Muslim partition. So in those times, people were in anger as they didn’t forget the pain they suffered, losing near and dear ones and abandoning their native places.

Everything was changed for them. It was the worst time in the Indian history. So in such times getting famous in the country which majorly had a Hindu population, as it was meant to have after partition, it was way very difficult. So the actors were recommended to change their names so that audience will feel connected to them. However, not only Madhubala but there were other Muslim celebrities too who adopted Hindu names. Check out the list:









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