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High Life Our National Flag Was Designed by a Muslim Woman, Know Who Was...

Our National Flag Was Designed by a Muslim Woman, Know Who Was She

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Suraiya Tayyabji, a woman from Hyderabad who was Muslim is known for her contribution to the country. Yes, our national flag by her. In the year 1921, the All India Congress Committee meeting was held at Bezawada (Vijayawada). Wherein Pingali Venkaiah, a Congress volunteer designed a tri-coloured flag and presented it to Mahatma Gandhi.

Father of the nation, was reportedly impressed by the design. He passed it on to the working committee. In deference to the wishes of Gandhi, the Congress party of that time adopted the flag and subsequently it went on to become the National Flag. But you will get surprised to know that the national flag was designed by a Hyderabadi Muslim woman, Suraiya Tayyabji.

A claim by prominent political leader states that AICC authorised historian Bhogaraju Pattabhi Seetaramaiah has revealed something about the national flag. he has written that the issue of the national flag was discussed for the first time in the annual conference of the Indian National Congress held in Calcutta in 1923. But the other side of the story is Home Rule league movement had already designed a flag and propagated it as the national flag. This movement was started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Annie Besant in 1916.

But when the Home Rule League merged in Congress, a sub-committee was appointed to finalise the national flag. In the year 1931, the flag of Home Rule League flag was replaced with the ochre colour and that the charkha was replaced by Ashoka’s Dharma Chakra. A theory claims that later in 1947, the sample prepared by Suraiya Tayyabji was approved on July 17. Seetaramaiah claimed and added that English historian Trevor Royle in his book “The Last Days of the Raj” has written that the national flag was actually designed by Badruddin Tayabji’s wife Suraiya Tayabji.

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