Must-Follow Senior Citizens On Instagram That Are Breaking Age Stereotypes

Who said that social media platforms are for youngsters. If you think so you are wrong because today we have shared the list of a few senior citizens, who have proved that age is no barrier, when it comes to following your dreams. Whether it’s cooking, dancing, sex education, or crafts. These senior influencers are breaking stereotypes. And therefore for this reason we would suggest you follow them on Instagram. So take a look at these elderly influencers. Who are making us feel proud?

Dinesh Mohan

Dinesh Mohan is from Delhi, the man became a model and actor at 55, however, he was not like this before. Because almost a decade ago he was 100 kg and need help to even stand up. But later he decided to lead a healthier life and maintain his fitness. This eventually brought loads of opportunities for modeling and acting in movies. Now at the age of 62, he has inspired many.

Ravi Bala Sharma

Ravi Bala Sharma, even in her 60s look so lively. She has a passion for dance and hence she is also known as dancing dadi’. Believe us that if you are going to see her elegant reels in dancing and grooving you will fall in love with her. Ravi’s husband loved to see her dance on stage. But unfortunately, he passed away. Eventually, the dance pulled her out of her trauma.

Seema Anand

Seema Anand is 61, old mythologist. The lady gives details about the topics like sex, virginity, and pleasure, and hence this way she educates her followers. And encourage people to let go of their misconceptions about sex. So also give tips for having a good sex life in old age.

Shanthi Ramachandran

Shanthi Ramachandran was a banker and soon after her retirement in 2015, she created an Instagram account where she shared her recipes and cooking tips. And from thereon people started following her. Thanks to her daughter who insisted the mother to do this.

Poonam Sapra

65 years old Poonam Sapra is actually the internet as ‘mother with the sign. In 2020, the lady created her page and started sharing photos of herself. In the photos, she can be seen holding up signs about motherly advice and happy life. This whole idea was given by her son Pranav.

Rajini Chandy

If you see a 70 years old woman carrying off ripped jeans and dresses, you will really get shocked. That’s what happened in 2021 when a 70-year-old homemaker Rajini Chandy did this. Even though she faced backlash but still she continued to do what she wanted. Currently, she has around 20,000 followers on Instagram. And at the age of 65, she acted in Malayalam movies.

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