Big Eyes are one of the best features you can flaunt by accentuating those lovely peepers with the right and apt tricks. Your beautiful eyes shall speak for themselves with these Must Try Makeup Tips.

Shimmery Eyes to Make Them stand out


A little glimmer and shimmer on those lids is all you need to beautify those beautiful eyes. glam them up by applying some shimmery eye shadow that will define the shape of your lid and making your eyes stand out.

A little Mascara does no Harm


Apply voluminising Mascara on the lower lashes as big eyes don’t always have long lashes. But No worries, mascara helps you to add volume to your lashes and making them look long. apply generous amount on both upper as well as lower lashes for a perfect defined look.

White Eye Shadow around the Corners


A little white eye shadow around the inner corners of your eyes will make them look neater and vibrant. even the eyeshadow get highlighted with a little lighter tint around the corners drawing attention to the right areas.

Under Those Brows


Also use a little white eye shadow under the brows highlighting the shape of your Brows as well as lighting up the areas around your eyes. This little space between eye lids and brows should not go unnoticed.

Up Your Brow Game with sharp Eye Brows


Sharp and well-groomed eye brows are what every girl wants to have. If yours are a little on the lighter side, use an eyebrow pencil to sharpen them. You’ll be amazed how much this little step can overall affect your face.

Primer Is Essential


Big eyes implies bigger areas above and underneath those eyes which must be done properly to make them look pretty perfect. So make sure to apply primer over the lids as well as underneath them.

Dark Tone eye shadows Go Best


Dark toned eye shadows and matte eye shadows go perfect to balance out big eyes at the same time beautifully highlighting your eyes.

Winged eye Liner Is a Must Try


Big eyes are exceptionally adaptable to dramatic makeup looks. Especially for those with Big round eyes, winged eye liner will make your eyes look elongated and sharp. Just make sure to balance it out with the lower lid.

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