ALT Balaji’s ‘Gandii Baat’ became a hit already, all thanks to its leaked lesbian lovemaking scene between the actresses Anveshi Jain and Flora Saini. Season 2 of the show was also applauded for it’s out of the box content along with powerful performances and robust story. This show was high on TRPs which in turn directly influenced the lives of two actresses positively as well as negatively.

Actress Anveshi Jain said that, she is getting offers for big-budget movies and television shows (both reality-based and fictional). The actress told in an interview that,

“I strongly believe in ‘calling of the universe’. When I read the script of Gandii Baat, my gut feeling was very positive. It just felt right and I surrendered to it. And indeed it was the right decision. I have no regrets about it because I am well aware of the fact that I have not done anything that hasn’t been seen before. I feel, for some reason, it’s just my body that’s getting me unwanted and extra attention. Moreover, immoderate comments on social media platforms including Instagram is just adding fuel to the fire.”

Here are some of the photos of Anveshi Jain who is a motivational speaker, dating coach and singer other than an actress.

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