My childhood Can Never Be Complete Without Them I Can Grow Old Watching Reruns


We have all had our childhood colored with these epic cartoon tales. These were all that we got at that time and all we ever wanted to watch. Its absolutely justified to say that My childhood can never be complete without them.  Oh those best days! What we all could give to have them back!

1.  Buggs Bunny and Lola ran off to get married and now they are old and still in love!buggs 2. Mickey became super rich after his break in one of the movies and now owns a big mansion and lives with minnie.cartoon 3. Sylvester finally gave up after trying all he could o have tweety as supper but  sometime he still chases tweety around after drinking too much!  cartton2

4. Poor daisy is still dating Donald cause he just won’t propose her! (He still thinks hes pretty young for marriage)daisy duck 5. See! Grand ol’ Donald Duck! Wonder if he still has the same quacky voice! 😀donald duck 6. After dear pluto’s death Goofy took to the roads! He still makes people happy for food! Surely Remember pluto don’t you? Goofy’s Goofy dog! 😛
goof2 7. The road runner and wille E. Coyote grew close to become best friends after years of running. They almost travelled the whole world!goofy 8. Porky pigsomehow survived and lived onto not to be served as pork! He is now a happy pig!pig 9. And last but definitely and can never be the least- our very own favorite Tom and Jerry. Tom and jerry after growing up fighting in the same house were always close and now jerry looks after tom and they cherish old memories of running around and pranking each other! tom and jerry

How we all wish if we could bring our childhood back! However there are always the reruns to watch and enjoy and never let the kid in you die!

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