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My Reaction When I First Found Out How Babies Are born?

We’ve all been through that phase when we wondered about how our younger siblings actually came into the world and I remember thinking to myself that babies came with magic!

All I Knew back then was that mommy and daddy sleep together in the bed every night but it is only when they ‘Hugged’ while they slept was how babies are born! Well, what can you do? I was just a kid! But then I grew up and thanks to the Idiot box back then and those silly 90’s movies that I began to think wait! That’s not how it happens! They need to sleep without their clothes! oops! Awkward I know.. I’ve always been smart for my age 😛


And then one day it all came crashing down! The magic and “love is hugging”(as I knew it) changed completely when my smarter cousin took me aside one day as we were playing ‘housie(ghar ghar)’  and some random guy was playing her husband and she says “Do you know how babies are born in real?” and I was like..yeah! (Duh) and she says “how eeww na? It goes inside and then it leaks and babies grow from that” and I was like Wait! Whaattt?? What the hell goes f*cking Where? 😮


I wasn’t ready to believe it! “No! It can’t be! How can it be? All they have to do is sleep together on the same bed without clothes after marriage and they can kiss even, but that’s all!” I kept mumbling but she looked like she knew what she was saying and then she convinced me somehow but I knew that I needed to confirm and from whom!


So I went straight up to my elder sister and I kept thinking how to put it in words as we lay in bed at night. And I’ve never known how she does it but my sister could always figure what was going on it was like she could read my freaking mind! Hell! that was scary sometimes.. So she says  “Hey! Whats got you thinking so hard?” and I just blurted out, “Do babies come out from where we pee?” and the 5 minutes of silence after that were the most excruciating! Finally, she spoke “who told you that?” and I say, “Tell me first, tell me, tell me,..oh come one! You have to tell me!” And I had her at that and Whoa! that was all true!

gif4But the way my sisrer explained was so much better and then finally she said , “You’ve just gotto wait coz right now you yourself are just a baby!” She hugged me tight that night aswe slept! And I always knew that she’ll have my back!


And Well we were taught about Sex later in school in a special Sex Education course which got all my doubts cleared if there were still any! 😛 What was experience like when you first found out how babies are born?

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