Trending Myntra Spammed Users With Up To 5000 Notifications A Day!!!

Myntra Spammed Users With Up To 5000 Notifications A Day!!!

The most popular Indian online fashion shopping brand, Myntra, started spamming  countless of its users with notifications and messages and in the case of some users the number of spams increased up to 5000 which annoyed them so much that they didn’t have any option left except to lash out at the company.

These spams included shopping alerts, sales notifications and even the order confirmations for the things which the users never ordered. It was already very late when the company realized this mistake but still apologized for the inconveniences it created to the users. Myntra stated that all the spamming was done by a technical glitch and will be solved within few hours.

But these apologies weren’t enough as the users were already too much frustrated. They even forwarded their anger on Twitter.

And these are some of the spamming notifications which the users were getting.

Nonstop Notifications

And Some Trolls

For now, the company has fixed the technical error and it is hoped that there will no such errors in future.

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