High Life Mysterious Facts About Eunuchs Or Hijras From Birth To Painful Death

Mysterious Facts About Eunuchs Or Hijras From Birth To Painful Death

In India, the history of eunuchs is near about 4000 years old. They hold a very mysterious life and hidden secrets that only a few people know. Today we are going to tell you some of them that will make anyone lose wits.
1) Birth: Eunuchs are considered as the third gender. But do you know that how they born? Actually while growing in the foetus when there is lack or disturbance of sex hormones level happens, then such children borns. During their birth, by seeing their genitals one can’t say that if it is a boy or girl. This condition in science is called pseudo-hermaphrodite. In this, the condition of genitals remains vague. Their bodies contain either female ovaries or male testes and sometimes none of these. The condition which led to the birth of eunuchs or Hijras is called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. XX chromosomes led to the birth of a girl, XY led to the birth of a boy whereas, XXY chromosomes results in a birth of eunuch.
2) Funeral: Their funeral ceremony is a very secret venture. It takes place during the midnight hours in a very confidential way so that no any person other than a Hijra can see it. The reason behind this is they believe if a non-eunuch can see them while their funeral they will be born as a eunuch again in the next birth.
3) They get marry for just one day in a year: Eunuchs marry every year. They marry their God ‘Aravan’. However, this marriage lasts for one day only. After that, they break the statue of their God and starts weeping like a widow.
4) They never wanted to be a eunuch again in next birth so they worship ‘Bahuchara Mata’ to forgive them and pray that don’t make then a eunuch again in next birth.
5) Every eunuch has its own master, who knows everything about his follower. He can even predict that when his follower will die.
6) They welcome the new member, which is also a eunuch, in their family with grand celebrations.
7) Mughal Empire had honoured them with a very respected job of guarding ‘Haram’, a place where their queens used to live.

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