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World 6 Most Mysterious Dead Bodies That Are As Same As They Were...

6 Most Mysterious Dead Bodies That Are As Same As They Were Thousands of Years Ago And Their Shocking Stories

We have somethings in life that even science failed to answer about their existence. We know that our body starts decomposing when we die but there are some cases in the world the dead bodies not only stayed the same and resisted decomposing for days but for the thousands of years. Out of them, one is 2100 years old. Today we will tell you about the dead bodies of such kind and the shocking stories behind them.

Xin Zhui

Her mummy is one of the most well-preserved mummies in the world. Xin Zhui died in 163 BC. When they found her in 1971, her hair was intact, her skin was soft to the touch, and her veins still housed type-A blood. That time she was 2000 years old. She is also called as Lady Dai, she is a mummified woman of China’s Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) who still has her own hair, is soft to the touch, and has ligaments that still bend, much like a living person. 

Saint Zita

The naturally mummified body of a peasant girl saint preserved at Italy’s Basilica of San Frediano. Zita is one of the “Incorruptibles” — bodies of Catholic saints that were found to miraculously not deteriorate. People say when she died a star was there above her house. She was a sacred soul.

John Torrington

In 1846 this British officer was researching North-west passage. meanwhile, he died of starvation on the frozen Canadian arctic island of Beechley. He was only 22 years old. He was buried there. When in 1984, in order to shift his grave when they dug him they got shocked.  Five feet down, the researchers hit the coffin and found that his body didn’t get decompose. He looked like a sleeping man.

Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov

He was a Buddhist Monk. Once in 1927, he told his followers to visit him and look at his body in 30 years. He sat down, crossed his legs into the lotus position, began to meditate and, chanting a prayer for the dead, and then died. His body was placed and buried in a wooden box sitting upright in the lotus position, according to his instructions. When the 30 years had passed, in 1955, Itigilov’s followers did what he had asked, exhuming his remains from a cemetery in Khukhe-Zurkhen. They discovered that their spiritual leader’s body was still in the lotus position. What was most astonishing was that his body was still perfectly intact, having defied nature’s imperative to decay.

Rosalia Lombardo

Capuchin Catacombs, no no it is not a name of some coffee type, it is a place in Sicily, Italy famous for preserving world’s best mummies. Out of these best one of them belongs to a little girl from Italy Rosalia Lombardo. Rosalia was only two years old when she died of pneumonia in 1920. Her father went totally devastated and shattered over her death that he decided to preserve the body of her beloved daughter. For this, he requested the famous Sicilian embalmer named Alfredo Salafia to help him in preserving Rosalia’s body. It’s been 100 years approximately that Rosalia’s body almost remained completely intact after being preserved. People of Italy called her as the “Sleeping Beauty” of Capuchin Catacombs. Her body looks so fresh and lively that it seems she is sleeping. But the most unusual thing about her mummy is many people believe and say that her she still opens and closes her eyes many times during the day.

Vladimir Lenin

The political leader of Soviet Group Vladimir Lenin died in 1924. His corpse can still be seen on display in the capital city of Moscow to encourage the young generation.

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