nail biting intersting facts
linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder

The habit of nail-biting usually starts when we are kids. However sometimes we come out of them, but for many, it becomes a lifelong habit also. Most of us grew up thinking that biting our nails was a bad habit that we need to break. But on another side, there are also some interesting facts behind it, and it’s not just about your stress level.

1. You can be a perfectionist:

According to a research, nail biters are also achievers. The survey says nail biters turns out to be type-A personalities who tend to overwork themselves.

Interesting facts about nail-biting

2. You’re smarter than you think

A study says that people who bite nails are goal driven. They do so because sometimes they’re trying to work out a problem.

3. You may be impatient

Boredom and frustration can be another reason for the nail-biting. But once it becomes a habit, you keep on doing it whenever you have nothing to do.

4. You may not be happy with yourself

Nail biters are often overachievers who set huge expectations for themselves. Although it shows nervousness on the other side, but it makes you feel better.

5. It might be related to a psychological issue

If we link nail-biting to psychological issues then let us tell you that it is linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Whenever people like these wish to do something again and again they pick at their nails.

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