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High Life Naked Men Are Used as Props in a Racy Ad Campaign by...

Naked Men Are Used as Props in a Racy Ad Campaign by a Women Clothing Company

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Believe or not but whenever we switch to TV we usually see ads objectifying a woman. Whether it’s on TV, a billboard, in a movie, or on the back of a cereal box, women’s bodies being used to sell products. But how often do we see MEN being objectified? Not nearly often enough, let me tell you! Defying all the odds this women clothing company has done something which is very unique.

Suis Studios a women’s suit-making company, is turning this tired old trope over on its head with their latest ad campaign. It’s even their tagline: “not dressing men. In its ad campaign, the company used men as props and women models are objectifying them. Feast your eyes on these fierce women and these soft, supple man butt cheeks.








However, this ad campaign gets mixed reactions on the social media. Where some people actually liked the concept that how the company broke old trope, there are some people who don’t agree with the idea of objectifying anyone!

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