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Entertainment Who is Natasha Dalal? Why is Varun Dhawan so Mad at Her?

Who is Natasha Dalal? Why is Varun Dhawan so Mad at Her?

Varun Dhawan is a versatile actor who has given a number of hits in just a short span of his career. He has a number of female followers on the social media who are crazy for him. But Varun Dhawan’s heart beats for only one girl. Her name is Natasha Dalal.

How did they meet?

Natasha is Varun’s childhood friend and both of them spent a lot of sweet times with each other. According to media, the couple hangs out together in late night parties for several times. Varun does not like to reveal his personal information and does not talk about the relationship with Natasha.

Early life

She was born in 1989 approximately. She belongs to a Hindu family. Her father is a businessman and mother is a homemaker.

What does she do?

Natasha has done degree in Fashion Designing from the Fashion Institute Of Technology, New York. In 2013, she came back to India and launched her clothing line which includes bridal dresses, lehengas, gowns, semi-formal dresses, formal dresses, etc.

Personal facts

  • She drinks alcohol.
  • Her hobbies include sketching and listening to music especially Arijit Singh’s songs.
  • Katrina Kaif is her favorite actress and boyfriend Varun Dhawan is her favorite actor.
  • Her favorite food is Italian and South Indian dishes.
  • She loves dogs and likes to spend her holidays in Jammu & Kashmir.

Why Varun loves her so much?

Natasha loved Varun when he was not so good-looking and was not a star. Even after becoming a star Natasha stayed the same with him. She stays away from the camera whenever she is with Varun and act as a normal person and not like a girlfriend of a hit Bollywood actor and this is what attracts Varun about her.

Recently in an interview Varun has said that,

 “I have someone, who isn’t with me just because I’m an actor. It’s amazing to have someone like that in your life. We bond over each other and that’s the main thing. We’ve known each other for too long, so the connection is deep. It’s like family. It’s always been so.”

He further said,

“My first love is films and everyone in my life knows that. After that comes Natasha, my family, and my friends. I just don’t make relationships to let go of them.”

About his marriage plans, he said,

“I’m for it. I don’t know when. But I’m totally for it for sure.”

On Natasha’s reaction to rumors of his link-ups with heroines, he said,

“She doesn’t react. Honestly, it doesn’t matter now. She’s read so many stories. Even when I’m with her, there’s a story of me being somewhere else. She’s grown used to it by now. We’ve never let that be part of our relationship.”

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