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High Life Natural Ways To Avoid Sweat and Smell You Should Know

Natural Ways To Avoid Sweat and Smell You Should Know

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How would it feel that you are on a date which you had dreamt of going on, all the time but you realize that your smelly armpits are sooner or later going to play the spoiler in your date. Emanating unpleasant smell can also be the reason why your friends are avoiding to hug you when you meet them after a long time.

Woman and man with sweaty armpit on crowded subway train --- Image by © Nick White/Image Source/Corbis

As the sun is soaring high up in the sky, it seems that the scorching heat of the sun and the humid environment tries its best to put you down. Constantly battling the cruelty of the boss and the summers, people often neglect how they are representing themselves.

Sweating is one of the major problems people are suffering with nowadays. Not only does it irritate one to use the face wipes all day long but one also finds it difficult to keep at bay the horrible smell that accampanies sweating.

But why do we really sweat?

The real culprit behind this heinous crime is – HUMIDITY. Though sweating is the process for the body to cool but it also provides the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria. Bacteria grows in sweat and make fatty acids which leads to the unpleasant smell.


The real question still remains unanswered,

Is There A Way to Avoid The Problem Of Body Odour?

Let us explore some natural and convenient ways to shoo away this problem


Excessive sweating can be avoided by detoxification. Detoxification basically means to clean our body internally. Some basic things that help you detoxify your body are:

  • Drink 3-4 litres of water everyday. Water has the real power to work as the detoxifier and clean all the impurities.
  • Try taking fruits rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps detoxifying bowels. Many fruits like pineapple, orange, lemon can be adopted in your daily life which can serve as sources of Vitamin C

2. AVOID WEARING TIGHT AND SKIN HUGGING CLOTHES. Clothes sticking to your skin provide the perfect environment for the bacteria to grow and then leave you struggling with that strangulating smell.

3. VINEGAR carries the potential to take over the deodorant kept in your dresssing room. You heard it right!! Apply vinegar with water under your arms and – Swoosh! the smell leaves your body. Vinegar can also be stored and sprayed on the body when you feel that the smell is going to attack your body.

4. BAKING SODA AND CORNSTARCH, seems to work as perfect sweat absorber by reducing the moisture from the skin. Applying baking soda to hair even provides volume to the dried and limping hair.

Apply a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice under your arm pits and see how fast the smell vanishes. Baking soda and cornstarch mixed together will also serve the same purpose for you.

5. TOMATO JUICE can also be used to keep smell at bay. Pour 2-3 cups in your bath tub and soaking yourself in the tub will drive away the problem of body odour.

6. While applying PEANUT BUTTER on your bread, take out some peanut butter for applying on your body too. Peanut better applied under your arms before going to bed will do wonders in solving the dilema of how to fight body odour.

7. Put some drops of ROSEWATER in your bathtub and then make yourself relax. It refreshes your body and even the smell seems to leave your body.

8. Next time before frying the POTATOES take some slices out an rub under your arm pit. Let it dry and wash. Hence success in getting yourself rid of the smell related issues.

9.Rub CUCUMBER slices on the armpits after taking bath. Cucumber has antioxidants which kills bacteria and prevents formation of body odour.

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