Navy Day : 5 Awesome Facts About Indian Navy

INDIA celebrates Navy day on 4th of December every year. The magnificent and badass Indian navy plays a great role in keeping the  marine borders of India safe.It also  provides humanitarian relief in times of natural disasters,cyclones and tsunamis.

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Its a matter of real pride that Indian  navy is most commonly ranked at 5th largest navy in the world.Here are some Awe inspiring facts about indian navy that will make you feel proud!


navyIndian naval force has an impressive fleet – 58350 personnel,an aircraft carrier,a big transport dock,15 frigates,8 guided missile destroyers,24 corvettes,,13 conventional submarines,1 nuclear attack submarine ,30 patrol vessels and various auxiliary ships.

Father of Indian navy – Shivaji maharaj

Ever wonder when it all started in India? The great maratha warrior – Shivaji realised the importance of securing the Indian coastline.Navy under his command was so strong that it protected the empire from British,Dutch and Portuguese.

Commander-in-chief of navy-

The president of our country,Mr.Pranab Mukherjee serves as the commander in chief of Indian navy.Chief naval staff (CNS) Admiral RK Dhowan commands the navy.

Operation Trident
Navy day is celebrated to commemorate the bad-ass performance of the naval forces during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani war.The navy executed a blockade,carrier aircraft bombing missions and missile strikes against land targets.

The big guns 

source: Dailymail

INS (Indian naval ship) Vikrant (2013) is the first air craft carrier built in India.Our second aircraft carrier is INS Vikramaditya.INS Arihant is  ballistic missile submarine and also the lead ship in nuclear powered submarines.