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Entertainment Nawazuddin's Wife Anjana Puts Serious Allegations, Said- Siddiqui Family Tortured Me

Nawazuddin’s Wife Anjana Puts Serious Allegations, Said- Siddiqui Family Tortured Me

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Alia aka Anjana Kishore Pandey has accused him and his family of physical and mental torture. Anjana, who has sent a divorce notice, has also claimed that she was also beaten up by Nawaz’s brother.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Anjana

Anjana said:

“Nawaz never raised a hand on me. But his shouting and arguing were out of control. You could say that our relationship was all that left. But his family tortured me mentally and physically. His brother Shams even beaten me. “

“His mother, brother, and sisters-in-law used to live with us in Mumbai. So I have suffered a lot for years. The first wife also left him alone for the same reason. The sisters-in-law of the Siddiqui family have filed 7 cases against him. Four divorces have been made. This is the fifth. This has become the pattern in this family. “

Anjana is suffering from 10 years according to her

10 years have passed since Nawaz and Anjana’s marriage. But according to Anjana, from the very first year of their marriage, there was trouble in their relationship. However, she tried to handle the situation and ignored things.

Don’t even remember when Nawaz met his children

Anjana wants custody of her two children. According to her, Nawaz would not be able to take care of the children. She says, “You have become such a great actor. But if you are not a good person and cannot give respect to your wife and children, then it makes no sense.” She says:

“Our children don’t even remember when they last met their father. They haven’t met the children for 3-4 months. But they don’t mind. That’s why the kids get used to it. . They don’t even ask about him anymore. I want children’s custody alone. “

Anjana’s lawyer Abhay Sahay said, notice has been sent twice to Nawaz. The first notice was given on 7 May and the second notice was sent on 13 May. According to Sahay, legal action will be taken against Nawaz if he does not reply within 15 days.

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