This Actress Holds a Record of Giving Maximum Number of Rape Scenes...

This Actress Holds a Record of Giving Maximum Number of Rape Scenes in Movies, Died at Age 27

Nazima, the veteran actress who was popular in the era of 60’s and 70’s films. However, she was known for her supporting roles but she has one record on her name which is unique of its kind. Only a few of people know that she was the only actress who gave a maximum number of rape scenes in the films. In the year 1972, she was nominated for prestigious Filmfare Award for film Bayiman in the category of Best Supporting Actress.

Film Career and Death of Nazima

Nazima had achieved a success at a very tender age. In her short film career, she did more than 30 films. At the age of 27, she died of cancer in the year 1975. Her innocent looks made her grabbed the role of young sister of a hero or the heroine in the films. She was also famous with the title of ‘Bollywood Ki Behan’. As a lead actress, she did only one film in 1975, Dayar-e-Madina.

Why she did so many rape scenes?

As in the films of 60 or 70’s era, the young sister of an actor or actress was raped by the villains, so Nazima, who used to play young sister’s roles had to give most rape scenes. Directors never offered her lead roles. In an interview published in 1968 in a newspaper, Nazima said that “I don’t know why Directors don’t offer me the lead roles. I’m doing films in the supporting roles constantly with a hope that one day I will get a role as a lead actress. “

Nazima’s mantra was something is better than nothing. So she never refused to do supporting actress roles. She was born in 1948, Nasik, Maharashtra. She debuted in the films as a child artist in ‘Baby Chand’. Her last film was Ranga Khush which released after her death in 1975. 


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