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News NDTV India Editor Ravish Kumar Slams PM Modi, "He Can Follow Me...

NDTV India Editor Ravish Kumar Slams PM Modi, “He Can Follow Me Instead Of Those Celebrating Gauri Lankesh’s Murder”

Ravish Kumar, senior executive editor at NDTV India slammed PM Modi in his blog over the controversies surrounded Gauri Lankesh’s murder. Ravish said: “I request the honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, please not to follow those who are celebrating the murder of freedom of expression.”

NDTV India Editor Ravish Kumar Slams PM Modi
Source: AaoBihar

Instead, PM Modi can follow him as he assures him that he will offer his criticisms with all humility and PM will never feel that he have insulted him.

“Out of the 1,700 people PM Modi follows, is the man who used the word “kutia” the one he had to follow? PM probably doesn’t even follow all his party’s legislators.”

Ravish also added that there are very few women like Gauri Lankesh, who are able to position themselves on the level from which they can show the mirror to society and the government.

Ravish Kumar is right as an atmosphere is created in which people are allowed to laugh even on the sensitive issues like Gauri Lankesh’s assassination.

NDTV India Editor Ravish Kumar Slams PM Modi
Source: Icy Tales

People are being threatened and thugs are sitting on the prime time representing the government. Fake issues are being raised and discussed to suppress and ignore the key issues.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article are the personal opinions of Ravish Kumar. It does not reflect the views of Pagal Parrot and also Pagal Parrot does not assume any responsibility or liability.

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