Infotainment NDTV's Manipulation Of News- Act of Secularism Or Shame On Journalism?

NDTV’s Manipulation Of News- Act of Secularism Or Shame On Journalism?

NDTV is certainly a channel which always attempts to do something out of the league. This time too, NDTV came up with something different.

The whole world seems to be terror stuck with the recent bombings which took place at Dhaka recently. Sheikh Hasina, PM of Bangladesh said- “It was an extremely heinous act. What kind of Muslims are these people?” 

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In the above statements, she had been referring to the heinous acts of terrorists and questioning the religious aspects of Muslim terrorists who chose an occasion as auspicious as Ramzan to execute their evil plans.

Being a statement from the PM of Bangladesh, this news certainly had to be covered. Many news channels covered it, let us have a look at how every channel interpreted it!

This is the way ABP covers it


Even India Today covers it

India Today

This is how DIFFERENTLY NDTV covers it


Maybe it was their attempt to show courtesy towards the Muslim community or a step to make India SECULAR!! Whatever it may be, but moulding the words of a person as authoritative as the PM of a country is not worth appreciation. News carries it essence till the time it is RAW. Measure to increase “communal harmony” can be taken through other platforms too!

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