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Entertainment Ned Stark is Actually Alive, A Game Of Thrones Theory Reveals

Ned Stark is Actually Alive, A Game Of Thrones Theory Reveals

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What a game changer! If this particular Game of Thrones theory is to be believed, then trust us – Ned Stark might still be alive. If you are still in dilemma ‘What in the mother of dragons are you talking about? then let us explain. There is a theory about Game of Thrones which is actually could be three things – completely feasible, believable and blew our minds slightly.

Let’s get this in detail:


A speculation from the Fire and Blood YouTube channel could prove that Ned never had his head chopped off. These rumors are linked to the books slightly more than the show, as viewers saw Ned’s head on a spike. Actually, from the written version of the book, it reveals that the beheading of the Ned is explained from Arya Stark’s point-of-view and she notices Ned looks a bit different.

Keeping that in mind, the YouTubers have explained that those who witnessed the execution of Ned actually saw Faceless Man Jaqen H’ghar supposed to be worn Ned’s face. As it is said the Faceless Men only wear the faces of the dead – but Arya saw her own face on Jaqen in season 5 of the epic drama.

The theory in the book speculated that the,

“Jaqen could have met Ned in the cells at the Red Keep and been paid off by Varys to get himself arrested. The swordsman who trained Arya, Syrio Forel, is believed to have gone down to save Ned while wearing Jaqen’s face, meaning he’s been the Jaqen on-screen ever since. This is further backed up by the Faceless man telling Arya: ‘There is only one God and A Girl knows his name. ‘Think back a little while and you may remember Syrio told her: “There is only one God and his name is Death.'”

Source: DailyStar

Wow!! Now it’s going to be more interesting and in a show with dragons, giants and resurrections, the possibilities are endless.



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