Neena Gupta speaks with Masaba Gupta ‘two-three times a day’ over phone, reveals people express shock at the frequency

Entertainer Neena Gupta has talked about the frequency of calls between her and her girl, fashion designer Masaba Gupta. In a recent interaction, Neena uncovered that they talk over the phone ‘two-three times a day. The actress likewise said that if is occupied with work, they don’t talk a lot. She likewise recalled a person talking to his mom once a week.

In a recent interaction with News18, Neena talked about her bond with her daughter. “Masaba and I don’t live together. But we keep calling each other. So many people express surprise when they come to know that we call each other up two-three times a day. A guy once told me that he speaks to his mother only once a week! But there’s no hard and fast rule that we need to talk to each other three times. If Masaba is busy, we don’t speak as much. Both of us are extremely busy with work but we also make time for each other,” she said.

Neena also said that Masaba is her source for getting knowledge about the trends. She said, “Whatever is trending today, I come to know from Masaba only. There’s a friend of ours who often says that when he was young, he preferred the company of older people to learn from them, and now that he has turned old, he learns from youngsters. I completely agree with him.”