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News NEET 2017, Where Female Student Had To Remove Her Innerwear Just To...

NEET 2017, Where Female Student Had To Remove Her Innerwear Just To Sit In The Exam

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Rules and regulations are made for the convenience of people, not for making them embarrassed. This is exactly what happened in the medical entrance test which was held on May 7, 2017. NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test) 2017 was the most embarrassing and disgusting entrance test of all times. This test had the most bizarre rules that are literally illogical to every extent.

According to India Today, few students were forced to cut their shirt’s sleeves and to leave their footwear outside ethe exam hall (Tamil Nadu). These things were done to abide by the bizarre rules of the examination committee. It was already mentioned that stationary would be provided to the students. So, the students who came with it had to leave it outside the examination hall. Some girls were forced to remove their hair pins, bands and ornaments like earrings and nose-pin as to carry these ornaments were against the rule.

NEET 2017, Where Female Student Had To Remove Her Innerwear Just To Sit In The Exam
source: India Today

According to NDTV,  at the woman-only exam center in Kannur, a girl was forced to take off her bra when a metal detector beeped while the checking procedure. She was given no other choice as the exam was about to start in few minutes.

According to NDTV“My daughter went inside the center only to return a few minutes later to hand over her bra, and I had to travel 2.5 km at 8.30 am to buy clothes because “dark-coloured lowers weren’t allowed”, said a Mother.

NEET 2017, Where Female Student Had To Remove Her Innerwear Just To Sit In The Exam
source: NDTV

According to India Today, students were forced to remove pockets and even buttons from their jeans. “She was wearing jeans. Since it had pockets and metal buttons, they needed to be removed. I went to a shop about three km away from the exam center and bought a new dress for her after getting the shop opened”, said a Father.

But humanity is still there in people, some families who were living near the NEET centers helped students in providing appropriate dresses.  According to Times Of India“After the examination, I came to know that a Muslim family in the neighborhood gave the dress to at least six girls and some of them had to cut the sleeves of these dresses too as the rules did not permit full sleeve tops,” a Father said.

And the most disgusting thing about the occurrence of the event was after all this mess the CBSE officials were unavailable for any comments. These officials gave us a perfect example of “ILLITERATE EDUCATED PEOPLE”. This shameful event will become an unforgettable embarrassing moment for the students who have held victim to this bizarre rule set up. We hope to see some action taken against these officials soon.

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