Amitabh Bachchan And Rekha’s Sad Love Story Which Once Ruled The Hearts

There was a time when B-Town's hottest on-screen couple Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha ruled the hearts of people. The love story of...
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Neetu And Rishi Have Worked Selfless To Build A Beautiful Marriage!

Neetu and Rishi Kapoor have been married for more than thirty seven years now. The couple is a great example of selfless and pure love. Where relationships last only a few months these days, the duo teaches younger generation the true meaning of love and support. The exceptional support from Neetu during the cancer times of Rishi deserves a great applause.

An Old Picture Of The Couple
A Lovely, Edited Video Of The Couple

Cancer Was Hard To Face!

Rishi Kapoor was suffering from cancer. The phase of his treatment definitely was hard and emotionally breaking. But continuous support from Neetu during the suffering made him win the battle against the cancer. A partner has the tendency to minimise the effects of the issues and create wonders in an impossible seeming situations. The same was done. Neetu and Rishi’s efforts all together could do it! Rishi Kapoor has finally returned home after being treated.

A Happy Picture Of The Love Birds
Decor For Rishi Kapoor On His Return
Video Posted By Neetu Singh On Thanking Everyone

They Have A Khatti Meethi Love Story!

The sugary spicy love story of the couple makes everyone scream awwww! Nearly two years ago, when Neetu and Rishi were seen quarreling over marriage in Kapil Sharma’s show, it was too cute to handle. What made people laugh was the comment of Neetu when she said that everyday she thinks of leaving him. Popping up in between, Rishi Kapoor said ‘Kab?’. Internet was blown away with that episode.

Excerpts From The Episode

Look At These Love Birds!

We got some pretty pictures of the couple which will make you believe in the institution of marriage. Their togetherness makes us believe ‘Forever’ exists.

Together Forever!

Trying Hands On A Tamil Tongue Twister

The couple has been with each other in every hurdle of life. They have won against the ups and downs and are an ideal couple whom people shall look upto. Kudos to the love they have grown between each other in the growing times.

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